Enabling Young Minds to Fly High

Airytails believes in early nurturing of kids who are inclined towards aviation and aeromodelling.

Who Are We

Airytails is a team of passionate aviation and aeromodelling enthusiasts. We are constantly looking forward to impart the enthralling skills of the subject, to young minds inclined towards it or seeking to explore their aptitude towards establishing it as a full fledged career. We offer an array of aeronautical services which includes both education and leisure.

Why Choose Us

We are the best in class service providers whose prime focus is to offer guidance and learning solutions exposing our students to the multifarious aspects of aviation. Our activities and services include preliminary aeronautical training, aeromodelling, aerosports, aeronautical camps and workshops, drone flying certification and career counselling among others.

What People Are Saying

“15 Minute Flying Experience – Just a little note to say how grateful I am to Airytails for making my visit so memorable. I was thrilled the entire span of time spent in the flight hovering over ecstatic Nagvara Lake and Manyata Tech Park.”

Amrita Singh

Engineer, Cognizant

“Fantastic Flying Experience – There are no words to describe the terrifying thrill of the experience! The whole staff at the aviation bay was so friendly and the pilot was calming. I highly recommend the experience to anyone and everyone who is interested in flying.”

Ravi Shankar

Engineer, Airbus India

“I had an excellent thrilling experience during the flight. It was for the first time, I touched the airplane control sticks.Pilot was very friendly and and made me very comfortable. I will recommend this experience to everyone”

Dinesh Kushwaha

Technical Specialist, Rockwell Collins

Ready to Make a Change?

If you want to give your kids the chance to exploit their interests in aviation and learn deeper into the field, CONNECT!