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About us

Airytails is a team of passionate aviation and aeromodelling enthusiasts.

We constantly thrive to impart the enthralling skills of aviation and aero modelling to young minds. We help them to explore their potential and aptitude towards this amazing subject. We help them to steer towards it as a career that is full of excitement, adventure & fulfilment.

Airytails offers an array of services which includes both education and leisure!

Aero workshop organized by Airytails

AERO Workshop

Curriculums provided by Airytails - Dreams to fly

AERO Curriculum

We are constantly looking forward to impart the enthralling skills of the subject, to young minds inclined towards it or seeking to explore their attitude towards establishing it as a full-fledged career.

Aero confer organised by Airytails

AERO confer


Avyaan - A student of Airytails workshop

My son Avyaan attented the junior pilot workshop and he thoroughly enjoyed it. He never felt bored even little for entire 3 hours. He was extremely happy with the workshop. Thank you to the entire team for conducting it for kids and also making sure they enjoy it with learning.

Aashwija Pradeep (Avyaan's Mom) | #juniorpilot
Darsh - A student of Airytails workshop

I was not sure should I travel 40kms for a four hrs. session for my son. I took the plunge and traveled. I was glad that I decided to go. My son absolutely loved the session and he is looking forward to the advanced session. Every alternate weekend he will remind me mom did you speak with Ashwini mam. Thanks to the team for an engaging session.

Shallu (Darsh's Mom) | #takethefirststep
Madhu ,Engineer, Boeing | who attend the buildittogether workshop organised by Airytails

The Airytails workshop for building the wright flyer was great. Coming from an aerospace background, building a model of the first ever plane ground up was a very satisfying experience. The entire session was planned and executed very professionally by the Airytails team. It was a day well spent.

Madhu ,Engineer, Boeing | #buildittogether
Siddharth - A student who attend the takethefirststep workshop organised by Airytails

Hi Ashwini! Siddharth just loved the event and he has been with the glider every minute of his free time since Sunday afternoon. He has been painting it based on Disney planes theme. He has been taking flying lessons for me using this one and some paper planes. Thought of thanking you for the same!

Suguna(Siddharth's Mom) | #takethefirststep
A student who attend the takethefirststep workshop organised by Airytails

Rishabh enjoyed the complete Sunday thoroughly in knowing what it takes to fly an airplane. Though he was just less than 6 years old, the whole workshop was so kid-friendly that he was on his toes throughout the 4 hrs. of the workshop. Later while flying the model plane, he was right at the front to experience it. Thanks a ton to Ashwini and team for trigger the interest in airplanes.

Naren (Rishab's Dad) | #takethefirststep