Providing Tremendous Opportunities in Aviation

In the present times access to knowledge and training towards developing aeromodelling as a full fledged career or a cherished hobby is limited and this is where Airytails aim to bridge the gap providing apt guidance to the talented young minds at an early age or the adventurous few for whom age is no bar.

Our Story

Airytails was born as a solution to a need. In this case, the need was to bridge the gap between students and their dream of having a career in aviation. We aim at providing the correct and sufficient knowledge to each kid even remotely interested or inclined towards any given aspect of aviation. We strive to make it easier for kids to pursue their dreams and build themselves a great career in aviation.

We Specialize In



An extra-curricular academic course training students on basic and advanced concepts of aeromodelling via theoretical and practical sessions.

Career Counselling

Professional counselling providing apt guidance to students based on their interests and abilities.

UAV Flying Certification

Skillful individuals certified to fly drone professionally as a career option.


Experience the thrill and excitement of an array of aero sports which are bound to give you an adrenaline rush.

Ready to Make a Change?

What are you waiting for! Grab the opportunity to see your little ones take wings as they sore high in the arms of the best trainers, embarking on a journey to which the sky is the limit.