AERO inspire at Isha Vidhya – Inspiring Rural India to Fly !

AERO Inspire At Isha Vidhya – Inspiring Rural India To Fly !Airytails In Isha Vidhya…

Among the many rural schools, Isha Vidhya has fascinated us to join hands with them and take off.
What is most needed in aviation industry is pupils who are not only good at paper-pen test but also at hands-on experiences.

As said ‘Advancement in rural technology is required for making the country progress and prosper.’ A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

AERO inspire at Isha Vidhya - Inspiring Rural India to Fly !

If somebody is asked what they would do for rural school pupils, of course, if they are privileged enough, well, they would talk about many good deeds; they would say that they would make their dreams come true. But, what if the rural school pupils never have the “dream to fly” in their wish list? It’s a fact that the under-privileged are conditioned what to dream and what not to dream. Here, we would like to intervene and tell the rural people that we have ventured into breaking the old thought patterns – inspiring the rural school pupils to dream to fly!

At Isha Vidhya schools, the blend of theory and hands-on among the pupils is phenomenal. Right from KG, the kids are aroused to build an affinity for hands-on experiences – teaching kids through LMs (Learning Materials). What more do we need to tell that our intervention will surely take the young rural pupils places, well, by air!AERO inspire at Isha Vidhya - Inspiring Rural India to Fly !

Beginning of Our Journey…

In 2018, we scheduled to visit all the Isha Vidhya schools. There are eight Isha Vidhya schools across Tamil Nadu and one in Andhra Pradesh

Our journey with Isha Vidhya schools began on 22 November 2018 by making our very first visit to Isha Vidhya school in Dharmapuri. We arrived at the school at 9:30 am. The school faculty greeted us with great enthusiasm. And then our session began with the students anticipating their response. Students got a first hand experience of making 5 variations of paper plane models and flying them. They learnt about the interesting facts of aeromodeling and much more. What can we say! The enthusiasm and interest shown by the pupils was mind blowing. This was their first experience of aeromodeling. The exited and intrigued students participated whole heartedly in the workshop.

As we continued our journey through all the Isha Vidhya schools, the pupils’ response was overwhelmingly positive. We continued our journey through all the Isha Vidhya schools which concluded on 30/11/2018 at Apollo Isha Vidhya Niketan, Aragonda (Chittoor). Pupils shared their new-found joy through various expressions, by saying, amazing, awesome,sensational, stunning, etc. Pupils were very excited whilst they were working on different types of paper planes.

AERO Inspire At Isha Vidhya – Inspiring Rural India To Fly !

Halfway Through Our Journey…

Most of the students said, “they have to become a pilot and work at aero- spaces”.
– Principal, Isha vidhya, Dharmapuri.

“Students really enjoyed while creating the paper plane models. After making the paper plane they formed a group and were very excited to let the paper planes fly. Students were asking questions about aviation. After the workshop, some students said they are ready to join Aeronautical studies.” – Principal, Isha Vidhya, Cuddalore.

Airytails team members Ashwini and her team made us feel like inventors by making paper models of aeroplanes. The session was very interesting. They taught basic concepts of flight physics such as the relationship between the force and speed. Specially making trappy models attracted us.By watching video we understood that,” Behind every success there would be more failures”. The video also taught us to think innovatively. The ground activity made us feel as if we were the pilots.” – Principal, Isha Vidhya, Erode.AERO Inspire At Isha Vidhya – Inspiring Rural India To Fly !

We always have a thrilling experience working with the children whether in the urban schools or in the rural schools. Because the students get inspired and take interest in the field of aeromodeling through our workshops. But, across all Isha Vidhya schools, we were so touched and inspired by the whole experience that we have sought to do more for these rural students. We want to take it to the next level for them. We plan something long term and on large scale for the Isha Vidhya students who are committed and who dream of a career in aviation. A rural school student dreaming about flying, why not?

AERO inspire at Isha Vidhya - Inspiring Rural India to Fly !