Our Collaboration With Rishihood University

Rishihood is a new university that is being established in India. It is an impact-oriented initiative. The university believes in an ‘ecosystem’ approach to learning. Rather than isolated training and research. This means that Rishihood actively engages and nurtures an ecosystem for our academic areas. As well as, for the larger growth of the nation and society.

Our Collaboration With Rishihood

They are creating a learning environment. That inspires people to achieve ‘Rishihood’. In Addition, Keeping in mind to make each person associated with the university. Motivated enough to contribute to society positively.We are collaborating with Rishihood. In order to offer AERO build workshop at their GAP Year program. Therefore, Students get an exposure to the exciting world of AERO in this workshop. The students will learn to build airplanes. As well as, get to know more about Aviation and Aerospace industry.


Rishihood’s Gap Year Program is a unique self-discovery program. That focuses to nurture a better orientation towards academic and work life. After students complete their school. The students get a structured program for One year. Where they learn about different things such as exploration, leadership development and so on.

Currently, the college and course choices for the majority of students are constrained by time. The societal pressures and their limited exposure to the world. As a result, Students are ill-informed. Due to the distractions, the students face. They become less focused on their activities and efforts. As found by the professors.

Hence, Airytails along with Rishihood. We aim to nurture dynamism, innovation, and grit in curious minds as they get ready to face the wider world of opportunities.