We conduct AERO WORKSHOP in order to impart the enthralling skills of the subject to the youths and give them a positive attitude towards establishing a fully-fledged career in this field.


  • Aero Inspire

    A Practical medium to inspire students to the world of flying.


    A break from work to build your own model aircraft.

  • #buildittogether

    Workshop on Building Model Aircraft with your Loved one.

  • AERO Build

    A Hands on introduction to the world of Aero.

  • #juniorpilot

    A workshop to engage and educate kids to the world of Aeroplanes.

  • #takethefirststep

    Workshop on Building & Flying Hand Launch Gliders.

Aero Workshop service provided by the Airytails
Aero Curriculum service provided by the Airytails


Foundation to Building
And Flying Aircraft

Through or Via AERO CURRICULUM we visit the educational institutes and teach the students about this amazing field by conducting our sessions. This in turn provides them much more exposure and knowledge in the field of Airplanes.


Anyone can enroll themselves in our AERO SCHOOL where we will be providing them all the tools and the knowledge that they require and we also make sure that a commendable progress is seen in all the individuals.

School Details

  • Online School

    An Online medium to expose the young brains to the world of aero. We are available online 24/7

  • Summer School

    Give Yourself A Break to build your own flight during your summer holidays.

  • Evening School

    Join Our Evening School and Get your Hands on the amazing World of Airplanes after your regular school hours.

  • Weekend School

    A weekend Airytails workshop for school students to engage and get educated in the world of Airplanes.

Aero School service provided by the Airytails
Aero Confer service provided by the Airytails


The spirit of Airytails' Mission of "Enabling Young Minds to Fly High" is brought up by AERO CONFER to the colleges around the country with curated talks from the experts in AERO industry.